Martinique! / by Potomac Enterprise

So, as a little pre-travel travel, I joined some friends on the way to Martinique. It was refreshing to get away to a place with sun, sand, and waves and to be with such an awesome group of folks while doing so--especially awesome folks that cook for everyone!! The group was big enough for four walkie-talkies, which were exceedingly helpful as we drove around the island in four baby cars looking like stars of "The Italian Job" trying to reach address-free destinations. Do you know how hard it is to identify a fish sculpture or invisible donkey in the middle of the night, even when it's your marker for making the next turn? lol. 

This trip was during carnival--my first carnival outside of the United States. I must say, I expected much more, especially in terms of attire. No offense, but I really must try Trinidad. Either way, my laughable attempts at speaking French made up for the entertainment carnival lacked.

Some pictures of course. Click through and enjoy.