Eva Rae Visits! / by Potomac Enterprise

And, she came bearing wash cloths and seasonings!!

Yes, I’m one of those people that still uses wash cloths. I know that the cloths harbor bacteria if they don’t dry out but mine dry out over night, okay? So, until I have a better alternative, I will be scrubbing down with a rag. Why? Because I'm a researcher, so I have done a hand and soap only shower followed by a wash cloth scrub and that’s all the evidence I need that wash clothes are here to stay :)

In another post, I'll share more about how the initial, "this is the greatest city ever" is wearing off. One of the primary culprits of this is a simple lack of seasoning! I may have mentioned before that my quest to find pepper (yes, black pepper) was almost as bad as my quest to find bacon (bacon finally found on the menu at Pani pictured below)! When I finally found a small container of pepper, it cost $6 USD fool! I was told the scarcity of black pepper comes from locals disdain of spicy food. WTFF? Spicy? Yes, even black pepper is considered too spicy. Again, WTFF. Good luck finding garlic or onion powder either. Lawrys? Hell no. Oregano it is. On eRything. So, my girl hooked me up with paprika, poultry seasoning, and the list goes on. Before she came, the two best meals I had (outside of Steaks by Luis) were those I cooked myself using seasonings I’d brought with me to BA from my trip to Martinique. I made curry fish with lentils and potatoes and I made oven fried chicken wings. Kiss your fingers and lift it to the sky.

After my friend visited, I can say, I have had another yummy dining experience. It was at a mediterranean restaurant that obviously must ship those spices in! We went to Sarkis with some of my “remote” friends. The line is waiting outside the door at 730pm, 30 minutes before opening time.  We ordered five appetizers (tubule, beets, humus, smashed roasted red peppers), wine, veggie moussaka, and lamb (it was a lot of food and the four of us could not eat it all). It tasted wonderful and came to a total of $60 USD (total I said). Double blink.

Anyway, I was so happy to see a familiar face when Eva arrived. Even though she lives hundreds of miles away from me in the states, it was still like a piece of home. During her visit, we went to The Argentine Experience (see separate -future- post for details), Botanical Gardens, a local walking tour, and “La Recoletta” Cemetery where Eva (Evita) Peron is buried. Also, we went to a couple of speakeasies worth mentioning: Bar 878 and Victoria Brown.  I miss the great conversations and laughs already.  Enjoy the pics!

Note. Later I did found curry in the store, so I have to take back some of my wrath regarding a lack of seasoning availability in this city. Also, I have to add Mark'sNOLA, and COCU to my list of yummy places to eat. Marks has a yummy smoked salmon salad, NOLA has a fried chicken sandwich that Chik-fil-a believers say supersedes Chik-fil-a (I had regular friend chicken and fell in love with the sauces that accompany it), and lastly, COCU has yummy french pastries. I love that they are not "too" sweet. 
Pay attention to the sculptures from the Botanical Gardens! Those are humans sucking from that wolf's breast. Strange. 
The "Pink House" (Casa Rosada) is the president's place!