Fuerza Bruta / by Potomac Enterprise

I honestly didn’t know what to expect on my way to what many had been calling, “the circus.” “Fuerza Bruta” is actually an off-broadway hit that originated in Buenos Aires (created by Diqui James). Nowadays, you can see in NY (and I recommend you do). We arrived to an indoor, standing only arena.  I’d heard rumors that at this show, we may get soaked at worse or a good misting at best. So, each sudden movement, as the show progressed, had me ready to bolt to avoid any potential downpour. From start to finish, I was in awe. For example, see the pictures of the girls in water below—that happened above our heads as the ceiling lowered from incredibly high down nearly to the tops of our heads. Pretty creative! Eventually, the sprinkler system went off in the middle of the room with me safely on the outskirts viewing.  I had managed to escape the high power water spray that got the crowd wet as the “circus” turned into a club with the DJ pumping your favorite songs turned house.

Definitely unique!

Definitely interesting.

My pictures do the experience no justice; but check them and the videos out anyway. Enjoy.

Everyone was giving Beyonce hair as the live band drummed their hearts out. This was just the beginning.

Then the crowd was suddenly wrapped in what appeared to be foil that dropped from the ceiling. 

One of my favorite parts: the ceiling filled with water extending down towards the crowd

Things got a little intense...

The end of the show..the beginning of the party!