The Argentine Experience! / by Potomac Enterprise

This was one of my favorite activities during my life in Argentina! I’m so glad my friend found it. Firstly, we arrived too early and were directed to wait at a coffee shop, Il Postco Mercato, nearby. I walked in thinking, well, this is the cutest (and emptiest) coffee shop without coffee that I’ve ever seen. Lol. As you can tell by the name, this was really a specialty market.  Mostly there was wine--lots of wine and cheese--lots of cheese. Also, much like a coffee shop, there were places to sit and work.

After perusing there, we headed back the The Argentine Experience. The night opened with a welcoming from the owner who made us a wonderful cocktail made of a medium-bodied malbec, apple juice, and Pisco. Delish!

Next, we were tasked to identify 20 scents that are common in wines. We were given a numbered sheet of paper and pen and sent around a table to sniff, pause, sniff, think, write. Out of the 20, I got 8 correct, which was quite the accomplishment. Two people got 10 correct though, so I didn’t win. After this game, we went to learn how to make our welcome cocktail and two other cocktails. By the end of the shots of cocktails and entire cocktails, the buzz was real.

Next we were taken upstairs to join other travelers from across the globe to how to properly make empanadas and mate. It was quite a blast and although geared for tourist, I highly recommend it for your list of to-do things in Argentina.