Buenos Aires, Estoy Aquí / by Potomac Enterprise


This customs hodgepodge (aka "line") was no joke. Line cutting was rampant. But, with all the time in the world, I just "stayed in my lane" on relax.

This customs hodgepodge (aka "line") was no joke. Line cutting was rampant. But, with all the time in the world, I just "stayed in my lane" on relax.

I'm in Palermo Soho, it's 2 hours ahead of EST, and the weather is amazing! No wonder I saw so many pools from the plane as it descended.

First stop—The Clubhouse . It’s a cool, sexy little spot where you can swim, "drank", or just relax while waiting for the clock to strike that magic check-in time at various nearby hotels.  There's a place to store your bags. Of course, there’s wifi. There's music. And, it consists of an in-door area with sofas and tables, a patio with a fireplace, and an outdoor bar, seating area, and pool. Raise your hand if you’ve needed this before.  Um, muchas gracias.

But before the first stop, let me rewind. I’ve never taken a Spanish class and the guilt I already feel about barely conquering English and not coming close to any other languages was exacerbated by the silence during my taxi ride to The Clubhouse. I can’t say the driver didn’t try. I had my mini-dictionary and wondered, “how did humanity exist prior to Google (specifically Google Translate)”? Yes, I have GT but totally forgot to download the offline packages and taxis aren’t wired with WiFi yet (as far as I know). Anyway, I was pretty hopelessly searching through my paperback for an explanation for my presence in this guy’s country, taxi, etc. #FAIL

And, I knew he was talking slow, but it couldn’t sound any faster.  #Blankstare.  So sad. I could only wish a word like “gracias” or “bien” came out of his mouth.  No luck. I politely asked, “Habla Englas” and he replied, “no”. I don’t blame him…I should speak Spanish! Maybe by the end of my 3 month emersion in South America,” I might be”. Lol.

Anyway, the ride began and he kept looking back at me.  #Pressure. I’m flipping through my book trying to figure out how to make conversation without blurting "IM TIRED AND HUNGRY AND DON’T WANT TO TALK ANYWAY." #InsertSnickersBar. About 10 minutes later, he hands me his phone. It’s Google Translate!! Praise'em. I look down and read, “Is everyone where you’re from as cute as you?”  Ha! I laughed out loud. I typed back, “Thank you very much---especially after a 10 hour plane ride”. He laughed and wrote back something that didn’t quite translate properly to the effect of, “I can only imagine what you’d look like once painted.” Lol. I was thinking, “Hopefully I'd look my age “painted”…because you are clearly way under it.” Lol. But I didn’t say that (cause I knew I needed a snickers). 

Anyway, thanks to his phone, I was able to communicate my purpose and length of stay. He knew how to ask for my "Whatsapp" in English, so I knew how to tell him about my friend visiting from Texas in a week and us needing someone to show us around. Chauffeur locked down? Check! lol.

Anyway, much like some people, you cannot tell what this amazing spot The Clubhouse is from the front outside. It's gated and looks closed. But, once inside, I was glad I didn't tell the taxi, "it's closed--- keep driving".  I ordered the ceviche (sole, avocado, mango, pico de gallo, and passion fruit) with a side of drank, the El Porteño (Uva, ciruela, fruitilla, vino rose, Absolut, ginger syrup). Sounds yummy! 

Here are a couple of pictures for you to click through, but there is more to come (about the actual city!) ...once I eat and nap :)