Strolling / by Potomac Enterprise

I'm noticing ham (jambon) is a popular meat in South America. Actually, several remoters told me that it's a popular veggie in Uruguay. Request "veggie-only" and surely jambon would show up in your veggie sandwiches, salads, and rice. Don't get me wrong, ham is great at Christmas (if you're a pork eater), but where's the bacon!? Sidebar: I don't know what part of the pig bacon is, but I have succeeded at finding almost every other part in Argentina including intestines, brain, kidney, liver, chops,....and ham. Lol.

On a brighter note, I can't believe I live here! They welcomed us to our apartments with individual bottles of wine and loads of hospitality. Culturally, lively colors, building art, sidewalk cafes, and plant life stood out the most to me so far. Well those things and 10pm dinners. That "struggle wait" for dinnertime is definitely an adjustment for me. The other remoters have been in Uruguay for a month, so they have adjusted.

Speaking of "the others", I was very happy to finally meet many members of the fun, friendly, and eclectic RY group Saturday night while strolling the Soho Palermo streets after dinner. One of the remoters shared that her friend was fighting that night. Now with my lackluster hearing and vision, I became under the impression we were heading to see a bar brawl. Wrong. Next, I thought we were walking the a million blocks to see a match live. Cause why else would I walk a million blocks? Lol. Well we were indeed walking to watch tv monitors at a crowded bar with smoke and low lights and teenagers.  Now, my friends in the states know that I love some MMA, but I couldn't really enjoy it with a horde of barely legal babies shoving and wasting good drank all around me, especially given that my eyes were burning from the smoke. My eyes are already fighting battles, they don't need exposure to smoke. And while I'm 33 on the outside, Im’a vibrant 53 in spirit, so all I could think about was my bed. I stayed long enough to see the friend, UFC fighter Villante  lose the fight. Then a couple of us left early. And, by early, I mean 3am. So, I didn't get to see Holly get dragged that night :(  But over all, I had a interesting, well worth it time. Much more energetic than myself and like true natives to the city, other remoters others stumbled home closer to 8am.

Un advance rápido hasta hoy...Thanks to one of my new friends, I figured out how to stream Pandora in a country that it doesn't exist in (re: Cloak).  Bop bop! And, in all appropriateness, the first song to play on my playlist this morning was "Been Working" by Nina Simone. Thanks Nina. In this new and beautiful city, I almost forgot today is Monday; and, as much as I'd like to be, I'm not just here vacationing. 

Check out some pics from my stroll yesterday.