The Digs / by Potomac Enterprise

I know it’s only like day three or something and I don’t want to sound idealistic,  but I must say that everyone I’ve met so far has had good energy and been friendly and open—amazingly so.  I’m trying to figure out the program selection strategy cause I’m thinking either the DC metro area has me THAT jaded or everyone is on their best behavior for my first few days. lol.  I’m not a real cynic. I generally expect the best of people, but over time you learn caution. Watching out for people turns into watch out! for people. Although one person proves you wrong, another person proves you right and soon you throw “proof" out of the vocab and yellow flag everyone. lol. Seriously, its been great to meet so many people and hear their varied stories and to be welcomed in despite being tardy to the party. 

Check out pics of the digs below. Home and workspace. <3