Don't Cry For Me Argentina (if I'm eating, I'm happy) / by Potomac Enterprise

Well, it appears Argentina cried for us all the last two days there. It rained and rained the night of our final organized event. It was a play at The Blind Theater and quite the alternative theater experience.  Essentially your vision is turned off. You enter a pitch black room and sit, unable to see even your hand in front of your face. The play begins and focuses on your other senses (specifically, smell, touch, hearing). As you can imagine (because you have to imagine), I don't have any pictures of that. The drawback is that it was entirely in Spanish; therefore, I have not idea what the story was. lol.

I was a little sad to leave BA, although I was hopeful that maybe in my next location, I'd see Black people. lol. The one time I saw a little Black girl, she stared at me more than I stared at her and gave me a enthusiastic smile and wave. I think we were both happy for each other's existence. The tour guide had shared with me and my friend that Argentina had an interesting history with Black people (i.e., slaves brought over from Africa). Once slavery ended in Argentina (in the early 1800s legally, but more like 1853), they were sold to other countries (namely, Brazil) or forced to living conditions that exacerbated the spread of yellow fever and their deaths. That is insane to me. Insane! Therefore, a population of what was once 50% of throughout various provinces in Argentina dropped to practically nothing. And it's evidenced in the lack of even mullatos in the city. 

Well, this post is not about that, it's about food. lol.  As my ode to my visit, I wanted to share my "Knockout Food and Drink Moments." So, in no particular order, these were my favorites:

Honorable Mention: The Asado Brisket Sandwich from La Tajeno (almost made the cut)

Check out some photos from my last days in BA, which include the tour of Palacio Barollo (must see building  inspired by Dante's Divine Comedy), dinner at El Muelle, and a visit to the beautiful El Ateneo Bookstore.