Bye La Paz. Bye Dribble. / by Potomac Enterprise

Okay so, it’s been over a month since I posted and I apologize. I haven’t been very photographically motivated since my camera was stolen. In addition to that, I’ve been loving Peru so much, I haven’t stopped to post. Sorry-Sorry.

In essence, while there were many things to love about the country of Bolivia (as shown in the “borrowed” pictures below), I was not a big fan of the city of La Paz though. And, I don’t believe La Paz was a big fan of RY2. Lol. A good percentage of remoters got sick, food poisoned, had surgery, or otherwise went to hospital last month. Dribble was an everyday occurrence and if that’s all you experienced, you were lucky. Lol.

Don’t get me wrong, the country is definitely worth a visit. You can see amazing sites like the worlds largest salt flats or bike down “Death” road and there is so much history to learn and explore. I really enjoyed my visit to Copacabana, which is a cute hippie beach town on the way to Isla Del Sol (Lake Titicaca). I recommend visiting this beautiful island.

Lastly, despite an overarching hygiene problem in the country, I managed to find some great spots to eat that I highly recommend…so I will list them here.

  • VinaPho – Vietnamese. Try everything on the menu. I loved love love the spring rolls and pretty much all the other dished I tried.  Also, they have a hot tea (te) there with alcohol in it whose name I can’t remember that I recommend.
  • Taj Mahal – Indian. I had the chicken tikka, butter chicken, lamb, lentils.... Loved it all.
  • Luciernagas – Family-owned. Try anything!

Check out some pictures of the beautiful and eclectic landscape of Bolivia that one of my friends called “Hell in the Hills” below. 

Everyone knows I LOVE being on the water! To the right are pictures from my time at Isla Del Sol for you to click through.  Enjoy J