Playing Catchup: London and Prague / by Potomac Enterprise

I really hate writing long posts, but I can't seem to help it. I promise to keep this one short...kinda... by just going over the highlights of the last two months.

Emotionally: It's been very draining. My mom has been sick and I really want to visit.  Three people I really connected with left Remote Year (all within three days). And, one of my best friends told me I treated him like a conditional friend and was cause for the strain on our friendship.  So, essentially someone I talked to everyday was done with me.  1-2-3 punch! 

Physically: In London, I stayed at The Collective. It's cute, new, and reasonably priced for London. I enjoyed to themed rooms on each floor which consisted of a spa, a library, a Japanese garden, a game room, and a cinema room. I wouldn't want to live there because the living quarters are quite small, but if I was fresh out of college, it'd be the move. In Prague, we stayed and lovely apartments on Belgicka. They were huge three-bedroom apartment with full-kitchens and terraces. I loved the space!  Sadly, I did not work out much in either city. I ate.

Health-wise: I was pretty tore down in London. I was tired, stuffy, and had a runny nose almost the entire time. At one point, an inner ear infection ensued and I had to go to the doctor. Y'all, <praise break> London healthcare!!!! I think the Collective was killing me but I heard from locals, it's allergies---a whole different level of allergies in London. It's so bad and constant that it turned into an infection. During the course of the entire month, I was "in" a lot on meds. In Prague, I was fine in terms allergies, but I got terribly sick mid-month. A nasty nasty cold and I hadn't had one of those in a long time. 

Activities: In London, my friend and expert branding coach, Dr. Talaya Waller paid us a visit. It was very refreshing to hang out with her. She is part of the #goodpeople group at home in the DC that does monthly dinners together. In London, we did A LOT together! All the typical touristy stuff, the Royal Ascot, and The Bunyadi. In Prague, I visited the typical touristy stuff as well. Also, I took a road trip to Cesky Krumlov (please go!), Sedlac Ossuary (Church of Bones), Saint Barbara's Cathedral, and Bastei Bridge in Germany. Two activities stand out to me: 1. Rafting down the river in Cesky Krumlov with the girls and 2. The Escape Room Prague. A B-L-A-S-T.

The City: Of course, both cities are modern European cities. London is New York-ish (not really but kind of), so I prefer Prague over London. London in June was 60 degrees and uber rainy. On the other hand, Prague was so so so so cute and warm. Its architecture had me enamored. Food, drinks and nightlife in both places were good. Both had an expat community; however, London actually had African-Americans in those expat communities. lol. Granted, the one I made contact with upon the recommendation of a friend of a friend--Xpat Life--was not welcoming to non-long-term London expats. If I had to choose where to live, I'd go for Prague (I think? IDK. lol). At the least, Prague's worth a visit in July or August. 

London Recommendations:

  • TapeLondon - great party, excellent DJ, clean, non-smokey, sexy well-dressed attendees
  • Duck and Waffle - Number one, this place is open 24-7!!! So, when it's "5am and struggle", you can get a great meal and view here. Delicious duck and waffle. Excellent cocktails. 
  • Dishoom - Really good high end Indian food. It's a bit cutesy, but delicious.
  • Bambola - Yummy Jamaican food in Brixton

Prague Recommendations:

  • K The Two Brothers - some of the best Indian food (and ice cream) I've had in life. And, I tried practically every dish so go there and try anything. 
  • Sansho - get your delicious 7-course meal on here for only about $40 (including wine and cocktails). 
  • Mr. Bahn Mi - Sandwiches are yummy. Some say it's too much bread. I agree but the meet and other fillings are delectable. 
  • Dish - Just burgers and fries but amazing! Especially the smoked pepper mayo. Drooling.