Sava River? Sava Me! / by Potomac Enterprise

Clearly, I'm trying to do better and write more "at the time of."  Sooooo...I'm in Belgrade Serbia now. I have to do an update for Slovakia and Greece (But later).

Random thing about Belgrade: I get stared at a lot. Like, so much that others I'm with notice and stare back at the locals on my behalf. lol. In my two days here, I've seen a car accident almost happen and a guy trip and almost busted his ass. It's kinda crazy. lol.

Today I went kayaking on Sava River for the Six Bridge Tour with 7 other remoters! It was painful and fun. Haha. Now, I thought I had kayaked before--granted only once and in Puerto Rico on a phytoplankton tour. However, my experience today had me wondering if my arms had done anything of value before.  This 3-hour experience worked out muscles I didn't know I had. And, the guide was Mr. Olympic it seemed. He had great form, stamina, and tan--like he rows out on the river in the sun every day.

At some points, my partner and I literally just sat there. I held back tears. lol. Overall, it was a fun and very wet experience. I really enjoyed the group that went and our dinner afterwards where we discussed muscle relaxers, as well as the benefits and varied uses of honey. lol.

In general, I haven't been feeling the most connected lately and have been very frustrated with my relationships with people or lack thereof; but, at dinner, I genuinely felt that I'm going to miss this/them when I head back to the district. This are very special people and this is a very special experience.

Check out some pics of the Kayak experience below.